Water conservation in the Central Basin

Water conservation in the Central Basin

L.A. is conserving water at record levels, but it’s not enough as drought worsens. “We’re running out of water,” says L.A. Times columnist Herb Caen.

LOS ANGELES — A quarter-century after the devastating L.A. earthquake, the city is still working to rebuild.

For the most part, though, most of the city’s residents aren’t helping.

In fact, according to a new report in the Los Angeles Times, only 44 percent of people in the Central Basin — the area that makes up most of the city — report that they are regularly maintaining their yards and yards look as good as they did before an L.A. City Council meeting on Saturday.

Among them, 54 percent believe their yards do not need water.

The L.A. Times reports that the Central Basin area, which includes parts of Pasadena, Glendale, San Fernando and Hollywood, has the worst water use of any urban area in the country.

The Times reports that the Central Basin area has a shortage of water, with only 1,300 wells functioning.

So it’s not clear whether people there consider water conservation as much, if not more, of a priority than getting their yards in order and maintaining a sense of order in their neighborhood.

When the L.A. Times asked residents on the list about water conservation, only 15% of those who responded said they did it as much as they could, with another 40% saying they did it somewhat and 29% doing it very little.

But even if people don’t feel they’re making full use of water, the Times reports, they’re still a good conservation as it has helped lower water use by an average of 14%.

“For those who do it, it does make a difference,” says Steve Zippo, president of the Central Basin Association.

According to Zippo, if residents do not water their property in the Central Basin “we’re back to 1875.”

“What’s on the books right now is not working to reduce water use, but if you’re going to tell yourself that you’re going to do something,” he says, “you might as well go for it.”

Zippo adds that

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