Bruxy Cavey is facing charges of domestic violence

Bruxy Cavey is facing charges of domestic violence

Her allegations brought down megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey. Then the anonymous trolls came for her.

This story is developing.

The controversy over North Carolina’s adoption law will likely end in a courtroom for Charlotte-area mega church pastor, Bruxy Cavey, and his daughter, who made some controversial charges against him.

Cavey, pastor of New Life Church in Charlotte, was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence by his ex-wife last week after she filed a complaint about him at a Charlotte court.

He was jailed and charged with first-degree misdemeanor aggravated assault in July.

The church was placed on administrative leave while it went through an internal investigation, which included looking at whether or not charges were warranted.

After the investigation concluded in August, church leadership asked the charges be dismissed, as the pastor had been cleared by two separate internal investigations.

The church would not comment on the charges against Cavey, and church members will not speak about it until after the internal investigation is complete.

That internal investigation is now underway at their church, where they are waiting to hear back on whether the church will face any further charges, or whether they will file a lawsuit.

This story is developing.

On Monday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released this statement:

“Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have a full file on this case. We are working with the District Attorney’s office and the DA’s office on the case and have provided them with statements and evidence that we have gathered.”

So far, there have been no reported criminal charges brought against Cavey.

Cavey is being represented by his attorney, Chris Hart, and the county attorney, Dan Mazzola. Hart says he didn’t want to make his name on his client because he was going into a situation where he didn’t want any “unnecessary publicity” for his client.

Hart says that he doesn’t know if he has any more information for the public about the case. He says he wanted to wait on how much information there is before making

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