The Last Picture Show — Liza Minnelli

The Last Picture Show — Liza Minnelli

Letters to the Editor: Angela Lansbury, the actress you really wanted to work with

Angela Lansbury, you were a legend. Even in the 90s, when I didn’t know her, she was like a Hollywood diva. She would talk to me and sign autographs and then sign to me – I would hand her something for her autograph and she would write “signed,” or something like that, and she would say that she read my book – “The Last Picture Show.” We would talk about the show and she would talk about how much she loved the show – and the stories. She would let me put a lot of the questions she was talking about for her and she would sign my questions to her.

She would sign it “Angela” and then I would hand it to her and she would sign her name – “Angela Lansbury” or something like that. She would say “that’s her autograph” and I would take it home, and she would sign it again, with her name at the end. Once, I went to the airport with her, and we were sitting at the table, and she signed these autographs to me – it was really cool. A few years ago, at a signing for her book, she signed mine with “Papa Jack” on the autograph. She signed it: “Angela Lansbury, Papa Jack, Papa Jack.” She signed it like it was the other half of her.

One time, she used to sign “I Love You,” and I would sign it back to her, like, “Love you Angela.” I loved her so much. I wish she was still with us, and it’s a shame. People would say, “You loved her. She was your friend.”

You and Liza Minnelli were probably the only two people who weren’t in the business for a reason, and you’re both very different. One thing about Liza Minnelli is she’s very funny – she’s very sarcastic, and when I was a kid, and I would come to her, I liked her a lot – she was fun. Very silly. When she would watch TV shows, she would laugh, and it was

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