The City Council Should Consider a Task Force on Homelessness

The City Council Should Consider a Task Force on Homelessness

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León wants to serve his constituents. So why isn’t he resigning?

There are two kinds of people in this community. Those who take the time to visit the city council. I’ve not done that in a decade. And then there are those who are so caught up in the “politics of the day” that they just don’t bother to see what the issue is. They don’t bother to read a newspaper, much less a newspaper with a circulation of over 1.5 million daily.

When Kevin de León wanted to run for office, he had the best arguments to win the race. His opponent was a career politician. So he ran against a political machine. So he got reelected.

But now he runs against the same politician from three of the city council districts. That’s why he is so reluctant to step aside so he can face another election and a new career without being a career politician.

Let him serve his constituents as they want him to. Let him leave the council stage to serve his fellow residents of East L.A.

Kendall Y.

Sandra D.

The reason for de León’s silence and lack of action is that he has lost touch with the people of East L.A.

He has been a member of city council for 11 years—the longest tenure in our history—and has shown no sign of wanting to move on. He has been doing his best to keep the residents in East Los Angeles unhappy. By not stepping down, he has become one of their political leaders, and he will continue to do their bidding.

Please, Mr. de León, don’t become a political liability for us.

John R.

The Los Angeles City Council and other city leaders should seriously consider creating a citywide task force on homelessness. The city council, who has ignored this problem for years, should commission its own task force to investigate what is going on and take concrete steps to solve the problem of homelessness in our city. The issue of homelessness has been on the city council’s agenda for the past two years. There have been no reports on this issue and very little attention. The issue of homelessness affects every sector of our city and every neighborhood. It must be addressed. In addition to this, I

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