The New Republican Party

The New Republican Party

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León wants to serve his constituents. So why isn’t he resigning?

What’s this “new” Republican Party?

Dear Editor, This “new” Republican Party has turned out to be nothing more than a collection of old Democrats, most of whom are more socialist than Ronald Reagan. Not one of their presidential candidates has been a conservative. Instead, they’ve spent the last few years being “reconstructed” into a more liberal, “progressive” Republican Party as their current ticket of choice, despite the fact that their presidential candidates have been conservative, and have been conservative candidates on the whole.

I grew up in Republican circles; I voted in Republican primaries and even won a congressional election in 1992, the same year I graduated from college. I left the party to join the Democratic Party. Since then, I’ve never voted Republican.

I am not going to change my vote. That’s not the point. I am not a Republican. I’ve had to accept the fact that not all Republicans are like that. I’m voting for a Democrat if the Republicans can’t take care of my needs better than the Democrats do. For those reasons, I will continue to vote Republican no matter which political party gets the most delegates this week.

If the Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, had given me a chance to govern as a Democrat, I would have been a successful governor. Even though I did poorly as a governor, I would have tried to govern with values. I would not have tried to make deals with Democrats as I did. Like President Reagan, I would have tried to build an economy that is in America’s best interest, not one that is dependent on imports.

What is the “New” Republican Party?

Dear Editor, The “new” Republican Party is nothing more than the old Democrats and the current “reconstructed” Democrats in control of the Republican Party. I do not see how you can call yourself a “Republican” while you vote for these people. That is simply the definition of treachery.

You’ve given me your name. If I want to read a newspaper printed in the United States, I have to pay for it. I have to get something for what I pay. The same thing is true for you: You have to pay for everything the “new” Republican Party offers you in its attempt to attract the Republican vote. You

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