Naturi Naughton Sues Los Angeles Superior Court to Overturn Protective Order

Naturi Naughton Sues Los Angeles Superior Court to Overturn Protective Order

Kobe Bryant’s daughter, Natalia, files restraining order against alleged stalker

Los Angeles (Thursday, July 29, 2012) — The Los Angeles-based actress, model and reality television personality, Naturi Naughton, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court today that seeks to overturn a protective order that she claims should have been issued against alleged perjurer and stalker, Chris “Chiquita” Lewis.

In the lawsuit, Naughton claims that Lewis — who claims to live in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Texas and Las Vegas — has stalked her for years after taking photos of her without her consent. Additionally, she claims that Lewis is a convicted con man who committed fraud by illegally taking $16,000 from her, and that she was afraid that Lewis would expose her identity if she did not obtain a permanent protective order against him.

“The court should have recognized that Chiquita Lewis’ pattern of violent conduct toward the plaintiff, Natalia, in the past and present put them both in a situation that should never have occurred,” her counsel, Daniel Trombetta, said. “The court should have granted a domestic violence protective order to protect Natalia from Chiquita and to ensure that he no longer has any power or influence over her.”

Trombetta is not a lawyer, and was not involved in the case until after the court issued the protective order, which he filed on his own behalf.

Naughton, 30, was represented by the attorney Charles Harder. Harder said, “This suit is the first time Natalia has gone to court to prevent this situation from continuing. Her family is devastated by the situation and we will continue to fight for the full restoration of our daughter.”

Harder added, “A restraining order by a court is not a substitute for a restraining order that is effective. Until the court can reach agreement with both parties, Natalia is going to have to be protected.”

In the suit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court today, N

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