New Board of Supervisors Sworn In

New Board of Supervisors Sworn In

Orange County Board of Supervisors seats first Democratic majority in decades

The first in nearly 20 years of majority Democratic control of the county’s Board of Supervisors, led by a newly elected Supervisor John Moorlach, were sworn in on May 6. While most incumbents remained on the board, the new board members also included Supervisor Jeff Sheehy (who was replaced by Moorlach in November), Supervisor Mike Aguirre, and Supervisor Scott Baughman.

Following the swearing in, Moorlach spoke to the media about his plans for the board and said he plans to work with the Supervisor’s Office on legislation for improving services for low income, elder and disabled citizens in the county.

“I am looking to try and find ways to bring in more money, more dollars, and more resources available to the citizens of Orange County,” Moorlach said. “We need to change the culture with respect to the way we do business and bring more fairness to the board of supervisors, and I think that is why I have been elected. Because I have had the courage and the wisdom to do it, I can do it again.”

During the swearing in, Moorlach made a promise to the more than 10,000 county residents who did not receive notice of the swearing in.

“I promise you today that I will put these new members on the board of supervisors and work with them to bring solutions here in the future to the residents of Orange County,” Moorlach said.

Sheehy thanked the outgoing board and Supervisor Moorlach for her service, adding that he was extremely happy to have been chosen by the incoming board. The outgoing board selected Moorlach over incumbent Supervisor Baughman.

When the newly elected board first met at the Orange County Administration Center in Santa Ana, they made immediate improvements with a $75,000 renovation of the county headquarters. Moorlach said that he expects those improvements and initiatives during his term will bring more money into the budget with the money previously budgeted from the sale of county offices. He expects the renovations will be completed by the 2014 end of the fiscal year and will return this year’s capital improvements to the

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