Top 5 New York City Wine Bars

Top 5 New York City Wine Bars

New York’s Best Wine Bars

New York City has been a destination for wine lovers in the US since the mid-19th century. It offers the wide variety of local styles and varieties of wine as well as international wines. The New York Wine & Culinary Center has a special section dedicated to wine. They have even developed a special app which will get you started with wine.

If you only have a small amount of time, we recommend taking a quick search in Google. For instance, we used their search engines to find their wine listings and then we went to the top 5 New York City wine bars for us. This is how we came up with our list of what we consider to be the best New York City wine bars in the history of New York city.

Amber’s Wine Bar:

Located on the corner of Christopher Street and Maiden Lane; Amber’s has been featured in many publications and by the Food & Wine Channel. We first noticed this beautiful establishment. This is one of the oldest places on this list.

The first floor of Amber’s is the bar where the wine is served. The second floor is the dining room to which any of the bar’s customers can go. For the wine lovers, there is a section dedicated to wine on the second floor. The third floor is where you get a look over at the stunning panoramic view of Lower Manhattan.


This is a new addition to the list of New York City wine bars. A winery inside Amber’s. This is not the first place where you will find New York City wine in amber bottle. The owner of Amber’s, Mark Heyer, was an active wine collector and a wine writer. Some of his winery wines are also available online. He was a regular drinker in the restaurant and as a writer he created an interesting book titled ‘Winery’.

If you want to find a wine to match your particular mood, please refer to our article on finding wine match.

Chateau Ste. Michelle:

The chateau is the symbol of wine, it’s also a perfect example

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