Kyrie Irving is back on the Nets’ roster

Kyrie Irving is back on the Nets’ roster

Kyrie Irving’s Suspension is Lifted, Expected to Return to Nets

Karen Warren | USA TODAY Sports

After being suspended for two games for hitting Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez with his hand and making contact with the team’s rookie center, Brooklyn’s general manager, Sean Marks, announced that the Nets were suspending Irving indefinitely with the hope that he can return to the team sometime before Feb. 7. Marks announced the news on the team’s website:

“It’s too early to make a decision, but we feel it is in the best interest of everyone involved with the team that Kyrie Irving return to our lineup as soon as possible. We have been working diligently to address this situation today and I expect to make a decision in the near future about whether or not he can be on the court with our team.”

The Nets went 16-34 entering Tuesday’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. After Lopez’s injury, Irving’s value to the team was a significant question mark. The Nets have made it clear that they believe they are now the right team for him and have been working to facilitate Irving’s return.

Here is more from Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson after his team’s second loss in seven games:

“We weren’t as good on Monday night. That’s unfortunate. We are not done – we are not at the point we want to be – but we had a lot of things that we needed to get done. We had a lot of things to improve on. Our energy level on defense was a lot lower. Offensively, I don’t like where we were. I don’t think we had the right energy. It’s disappointing and I didn’t like it. The message to our guys was, ‘We’re not going to get done until we get the ball in our hands.’”

After losing Lopez for the season in the first round of the playoffs, the Nets have been talking about addressing their offensive needs. The goal is to become the most efficient offensive team in the League.

To that end, they have hired a new coach. Kenyon Brown was

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