The New State is a Good State for All People

The New State is a Good State for All People

Letters to the Editor: Save the Colorado River. Desalinate water from the Pacific Ocean to the Colorado River is a great idea, and we commend the idea of reducing reliance on imported water from Chile. However, we must recognize that the only water supply for about 70% of the people in the U.S. is from Colorado River water. This is a very valuable natural resource. We need to protect it as long as the federal government continues to sell the U.S. government to foreign interests. We have a federal government that is dependent on imported oil and which relies on foreign markets to survive. If the oil and natural gas industries are not supported in this country, they will disappear. The government can solve the current water problem by following the principles set forth in the Colorado River Compact. For years and years the federal government has ignored the principle that everyone in this country should have access to water from our own rivers and streams. We should not allow this mentality to take hold here in the U.S. The people at the table should realize that if they do not allow any restrictions we will not have water. Therefore, everyone should support a water settlement meeting with the U.S. government.

This is how we are going to solve the water problem, with the help of the U.S. government. The next thing we need is an equitable water settlement as a way for us all to cooperate. The people of the U.S. have worked hard to build a prosperous nation, but if we do not allow our natural resources to be exploited, it will no longer be a prosperous nation.




January 21, 1996

How the new state has been chosen has been a great disappointment to me but the people who have worked so hard to make the new state what it is must be commended. I feel that the new state is a good state for all people. Now the new legislature has to get to work to

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