Meghan Markle Discusses New Reality TV Series, “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”

Meghan Markle Discusses New Reality TV Series, "I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!"

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Meghan Markle was a guest on The View this week, when she discussed her new reality TV series, “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” Markle shared how the series will be good for her career, but also revealed how it will be “a nightmare” for her family.

Meghan Markle is currently filming her new reality TV show, “I’m A Celebrity,” which is about the trials and tribulations of reality television. The show will premiere this Sunday on ABC.

On Tuesday, Jan. 11, Meghan, who is on maternity leave, visited The View and discussed her new show. In the show, Markle and her friends audition for their favorite reality TV show. Markle revealed that she will not be doing this on her own, as she is a “good friend” of the producers of the show, who have been on the show themselves when they were young.

The show is her own show, and she said she did not have input on it. She also said that while the show will not be “about” anyone in particular, the show will be about everyone — she is talking about us, the viewers.

Markle also opened up and talked about her past “deal or no deal” moment in 2009, when she took on a new role on the sitcom, “Dharma & Greg.” Markle said she had a small role on the show, but said it’s the kind of role that no girl should give up her role to go after.

On Tuesday, Markle was also asked to compare the two, saying that her mother has an opinion on everything, and she believes that her mother is right about this. Markle said that her mother had a theory that Markle should not be in a show like this,

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