Why we’re not processing mail-in ballots from Los Angeles County

Why we're not processing mail-in ballots from Los Angeles County

California is still waiting for some election results. Follow the journey of a mail ballot from the state’s Registrar of Voters, Tom Wong, and discover why voting here is in a state of suspense.

By Tom Wong

Here is mail-in ballot from Registrar of Voters Tom Wong, which is being processed at Sacramento County Elections headquarters.

You can see the mail-in ballots from around the state, and you’ll note that they are numbered, while ballots you get on Election Day (which come back to the Registrar’s office after having been marked and processed) are not numbered, despite being from the Registrar’s Office.

In Sacramento County, we have a mail ballot from Registrar Tom Wong. There are other county elections offices processing mail ballots. This one is being processed in the Registrar’s office, but not in our County Elections offices because, you see, Sacramento County Elections has received a few thousand mail ballots from people all over Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Francisco County and San Diego County. The mail-in ballots have all been received from the voters in those counties, along with a few thousand from the voters in Ventura County. And we’re processing them all at once, right now.

We’re processing ballots from the voters in six counties at one time? But we haven’t processed any ballots yet from voters in Los Angeles County because we haven’t received a single one yet. The Registrar of Voters is on his way to Los Angeles County to pick up a large number of ballots there, but so far, we’ve only received a few thousand mail-in ballots.

There are four major reasons for this lack of receiving ballots from Los Angeles County. The first major reason is the reason most likely, that there are only really two or three hundred voters, or half the voters, who are mailing in their ballot. The second, and perhaps second, major reason is that they’re having their mailers sent to us by one person. So they have not included their voter registration number. That’s why we don’t have the full number of voters at this time, and why we are processing ballots from six counties at once, over the course of today.

Let me remind you of the difference between mail-in ballots and ballots you receive on Election Day. On Election Day, there are so many more voters that you receive mail-in ballots, because that’s when there are, maybe, two or three hundred voters, who have filled out their names on their mail-in ballot, and

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