The Man Who Attacked Amy Coney Barrett’s Book

The Man Who Attacked Amy Coney Barrett’s Book

Cancel culture keeps targeting Amy Coney Barrett. Now it’s an absurd call to ban her book.

When a woman is threatened on social media or in real life, she’s often subjected to a torrent of attacks from trolls and haters who insist they are on the side of truth. Women, in particular, are sometimes the brunt of this public shaming.

But one man decided to take it a step further, taking on Amy Coney Barrett’s book, “The Least I Can Do: Life after Donald Trump.”

Coney Barrett is an accomplished lawyer, former prosecutor, and author. She is also a woman who has never been accused of committing a crime, let alone any crime that might be viewed as a threat to anyone.

“Amy is not a hate monger,” the man claiming to be conservative called one woman. “She’s not a Nazi-loving, trans-exclusionist, anti-white hater. No, she’s nothing of the sort.”

“She wrote a book, and I don’t think she would have the stones to write a book that denigrates people for political reasons,” he continued, adding that “most people writing books aren’t doing it for monetary gain.”

The woman he attacked, however, isn’t a liberal or liberal Democrat. She’s the conservative author who has called for the removal of President Trump from office. And even after he won the 2016 election, she didn’t apologize for it.

She has told the New York Times that President Trump used “white supremacy” and that “vitriolic” criticism of his presidency from some was the reason for her decision to run for Senate in 2018.

After a month of attacks – some of which are still going on – she wrote a book

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