The Land Is a Land Conservation Area

The Land Is a Land Conservation Area

Coveted oceanfront land in Ventura County will become a nature preserve if there’s a major decision made to preserve it as open space, but they may have to wait for another decade.

Ventura County, a small inland county located in the South Bay region of Southern California, is considered by many to be one of the premier locations for buying a great piece of South Bay real estate, but has a long way to go to reach that status, as it is too near to be considered part of the South Bay, and too far away from the other coastal cities to qualify for any coastal city or county land preservation zone.

If there were a major decision by the county to designate this tract as open space or preserve it as public park the parcel would receive a green-light, but if there is no major green-light given in the next seven years then there will have to be a battle to save the 1,000-acre land and any major decision won’t be made public until then.

At the same time, it is possible they could wait another decade until the parcel is officially part of the open space or nature preserve category, but that decision would have to be made prior to the next county bond and approval.

The tract is part of the land in the southwest corner of the San Gabriel Mountains just east of Harbor Boulevard in Westlake Village and north of the 405 freeway.

The land has been purchased in different phases by different entities, including the owners of the land, the C.P. Properties LLC, and D.B. Hargis Incorporated, both in the real estate business. All the land was acquired by the county in 2002 for land conservation and acquisition, the most recent sale of the parcel was to Hargis in 2005 for $2.5 million. Hargis had purchased the land in 1994 for $13.5 million and owned it until his death in 1998. Hargis left the land to his widow Shirley Hargis, who owns and operated the Hargis Real Estate company, for her lifetime.

The property was originally granted a 3-acre strip of land by the county in 1921, and then re-granted in 1959. But since there had been no other sales of the parcel for sale

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