Le Bic is a police dog, and it is being sold as pets

Le Bic is a police dog, and it is being sold as pets

Brazil police rescue dog becomes internet sensation

by Staff Writers

Paris (AFP) May 27, 2012

A French police officer and his dog are the face of a campaign to save an endangered breed of police dog — and it has even been covered by the French news media.

The “Le Bic” — short for “Beaute de police” in French — is based on the Belgian Shepherd and is believed to be one of the most beloved pets in the French police force.

But they are being poached by breeders who want to sell the pooches as pets.

Rescued last year the dog was sent to France’s national animal shelter to receive treatment.

He was named “Le Bic” after the French slang term for police dog, and the French slang term for “chauffeur”.

The campaign was launched on a Facebook page with the slogan “Je ne serai pas seul – Le Bic est lui aussi!” (“I won’t be alone, my dog has a name too!”)

The page was shared and shared and shared with thousands of shares.

But not everyone was convinced of the breed’s importance. Many criticised the campaign for being too emotional and sentimental.

The page was also attacked for what was seen as a cheap publicity stunt.

Some critics were concerned Le Bic would be given to a breeder who could sell him off, and others even called for his return to the shelter in Paris, where he is being treated.

The Parisian police force had decided to put the dog on display in a public centre, but the public outrage was so great, they had to remove him from the “boutique” he is currently housed in.

In a country where dog breeds such as German shepherds are in high demand as guard dogs and police dogs, Le Bic is seen as having a big potential market value.

A report by the French daily newspaper Le Figaro states that an “entrepreneur” is interested in the dog for a million euro.

The dog will not be available for adoption, and the only known owner is his former

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