5 Big Takeaways From Next Month’s Midterm Elections

5 Big Takeaways From Next Month’s Midterm Elections

GOP tsunami is sweeping away Democrat hopes for midterm elections


September 2, 2018

The Democratic Party is on the verge of losing more than five House seats in next month’s midterm elections. And it’s not just the Democrats who are reeling from this. The GOP tsunami that’s just begun is about to wash away most of the party’s hopes of holding onto both chambers in the House and three of the four chambers in the Senate.

But it’s not only the Democrats who are seeing their hopes of holding on to the House evaporate. The GOP tsunami is also threatening to wipe out Donald Trump’s chances of re-election, and the Senate.

Of the more than a dozen key Senate and House races, here is our five big takeaways from next month’s vote:

1. The GOP wave is far from over. For more than a year now, Republicans have been on the offensive. They’ve been waging war against Democrats. They’ve been trying to make Democrats’ lives miserable.

With each passing day and each passing week, Democrats have been under siege. They’ve been subjected to harassment. They’ve been called names. The President of the United States has railed at them at his rallies and in his tweets. And Republicans have been relentless.

Still, Democrats are in the minority in both chambers, and have been under far more political pressure than in years past. With each passing election cycle, it seems that Democratic expectations have only been heightened.

2. The election results will be just as bad for Democrats as they were for Trump. It’s hard to overstate how devastating the Trump impeachment and his removal from office will be.

Democrats say they are determined to defend the White House against an epic witch hunt led by Trump and his enablers in Congress. But that attack has already backfired on them, just as they have predicted.

There are few things as bad for Democrats as impeachment, but the results of this upcoming election are arguably worse. What’s happening next month is the equivalent of seeing a bomb explode above you or being struck by a bullet. With each passing week, Democratic hopes of holding the White House and the House of Representatives are eroding faster than a falling house of cards.

3. Democrats’ best-case

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