The Environment Is the Only Thing We Can Do to Save Our Culture

The Environment Is the Only Thing We Can Do to Save Our Culture

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I was at a news conference this past Saturday with Al Gore. I listened through my earphones as Gore explained why he was in New York instead of Washington, and why he was standing up for the environment. He talked about the need for a global climate strategy, and, yes, he was talking about the environment. I could hear Gore’s optimism in his voice. He had made the case for a “new economic order” that would be built on the foundations of a healthy environment.

This is a great thing. But you have to wonder how the rest of the world perceives the current state of our environment.

Do they really care about the environment, or is it another example of our “culture of indifference”? Do they really understand the gravity of the issue, or do they just see a man in a white suit and listen to him pontificate?

I don’t know whether people are in denial about the issue. But the fact remains that something in our culture has to change.

If the only thing they care about is the economy, what will it mean for our culture? What will the economy mean for our culture?

A healthy environment is a cornerstone of any healthy economy. And it’s a central part of a healthy economy to have good people making the “good” decisions and being able to provide for all aspects of our life.

The truth is, it’s the least that we can do to ensure our future.

“Without a strong green economy, there will not be a strong America,” Gore said. He was right.

And while economic growth is vital, it can’t come at the cost of taking a chance on a life of poverty.

The people who are most responsible for the environment are the citizens of this

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