What People Are Talking About: Trump isn’t the disease.

What People Are Talking About: Trump isn’t the disease.

Jonah Goldberg: Will the GOP finally do something about its Trump problem?

Jonah Goldberg: A couple of weeks ago, I met an elderly man in Chicago, who had been the Republican nominee in the 1980 election. He had been a delegate to the convention from New Hampshire, long a swing state, whose vote would be crucial on the nomination ballot. The man had been a loyal Republican all his life, but he was distraught at the thought of Donald Trump making the nomination.

Goldberg: So after we introduced ourselves briefly, I asked him what he thought about Trump.

He responded that Trump was a symptom of the disease. It was a disease of a political party. It was an infection that had to be treated.


Trump is the symptom, but the disease was the Republican party.

Trump isn’t the disease. Trump isn’t the Republican party. It’s that we have a party with a problem. It’s that we have a group of people who seem to think that winning elections is more important than building the party. A group of people who seem to think that playing to the base is more important than playing to the center. A group of people who don’t see the importance of the presidency, of Congress, of the Senate, or even state legislatures. A group of people who see politics as a battle between the left and the right.


Trump is a symptom. Our party, our country, and our world need a cure now.

On today’s episode of What People Are Talking About, Goldberg will be discussing the challenges that the nation faces today. He will be discussing the recent election, the role that Trump plays in this, and will discuss the challenges ahead.


Jonah Goldberg: Hello and welcome to another edition of What People Are Talking About, the weekly discussion show on RT America. Our topic this week is the 2016 election and the role that Donald Trump has played in it.

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