The White Rose Is Not a Troll

The White Rose Is Not a Troll

Her allegations brought down megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey. Then the anonymous trolls came for her. She is no longer with us.

(Please note that, while I am making the point that there is an issue here, I am very aware of the fact I am not making an unarguable claim of fact. There are lots of things on earth that could be called “myths.”)

When the online witch hunt against me was initiated several months ago, I was not aware that I was on the receiving end of “trolling” (by which I mean posting inflammatory and/or off-topic material). But when I began to learn more, I was appalled by what I had been subject to.

In the initial months, my inbox became a virtual witch-showground. I was bombarded with emails from all over the world. People would send emails from every known and unknown email address imaginable. Some sent from multiple addresses. In some cases, they sent from the same address. I received emails from people I had never heard of before, in some cases from the same address, who I believed to be my “friends.”

A great many emails contained highly inflammatory and/or bizarre statements. One particularly appalling email, in which the sender was identified as “The White Rose,” stated:

“I believe I have just been called to minister to a family who has asked for my help. My friend the Holy Spirit has said ‘you must go’ and I must, if I am to do anything at all.”

The sender then gave a lengthy email address. When I went to check the sender, I was shocked to discover that the email address was not in my own list of emails. The sender’s name was not The White Rose.

In other cases, I received emails from the same address that were so bizarre and inflammatory that I was certain from the first to identify the sender as a troll. But as it turned out, the only email addresses appearing on the message were in fact from known persons.

But I did not know that. In fact, I did not know that I was on the receiving end of “trolling.�

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