Serena Williams: The All-Time Great of the Game

Serena Williams: The All-Time Great of the Game

See how Serena Williams became one of the all-time greats of the game – and we do mean ALL time.

We’ve all heard of the legendary stories that surround Serena Williams. She beat Billie Jean King at the U.S. Open, won her first tournament in the Australian Open and won her first Grand Slam. She won 19 Grand Slam titles.

She is the all-time great of the game, and one of her stories is a little bit of both amazing and unbelievable.

In fact, one of her greatest stories is even an example of our most absurdly high standards – a story of something almost unbelievable, but really one that can be explained in such a way that you should be absolutely amazed and amazed that you were ever able to even think that this could happen.

To hear that story, you need to be a fan. To understand Serena’s extraordinary journey, you need to have watched her play, and followed her progress.

When I went to watch her play in the early 2000s, in her second Grand Slam tournament, I was at a loss as to whom I should be rooting for. Just as she was a complete stranger to me at the time, I still did not know a thing about her.

It was a little bit like watching any other tennis player, as I tried to figure out what this was all about. I was just happy to watch. I had a small TV as my player, she had a huge one.

In 2006, Serena became the first woman to win three consecutive Grand Slam titles in Melbourne, at the Australian Open, where she defeated Venus Williams in the final. It was a feat to consider as she was still 17 years old at the time.

By then, I was a fan. I was a huge fan, in fact. I felt like I was close to her, and she was close to me. We were on the same level.

As she became a household name, and she did so by winning her first Grand Slam, I became her fan.

“I was always the lucky guy who found her, and she found me,” said Jeff Capel. “She was the one who was kind of like, ‘Hey, I wanna play tennis.’ I was like, ‘OK, you got me, I’m

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