Verstappen is the best driver in F1

F1 star Max Verstappen says he’s not the new Michael Schumacher

It looks like it could be going to extra time, when you have a man who has never been close to winning the world championship in a grand prix, but who has been winning in every race.

In the past few years Verstappen has really begun to dominate the single-seater world. He is now the best F1 driver that F1 has ever seen.

I think he is going to surprise that many people. I don’t think he is the next Schumacher, but he has great potential.

We’ve already seen him win five races, and his speed has increased by five times.

We’ve seen his potential already. The level of driver he can be is extremely high.

In the next few races, he’s going to do something really special and he could even win the world championship.

He is going to be the best, and I have seen what the other teams are doing. They are not very good.

He is probably the best since Schumacher.

I think he has the same pace, probably even better, but maybe not as much as Schumacher did.

He is doing a great job, but I don’t see him as a Schumacher.

I don’t think he will be able to compete against Schumacher very much. I think they both have great potential.

He is going to do something spectacular. He could be the best of the next few years.

I think he has the potential to be better than Schumacher. He has a lot more time than Schumacher. So his talent maybe is a little bit better. At the beginning he looked like he was very close with Schumacher.

He came close to winning a world championship. He could be world champion.

I think he is going to win something very, very soon. He is really, really exciting to watch.

He is a good racing driver. He has been driving well in the last two years.

It is really, really impressive. He has won five races, but has not been completely dominant.

In my eyes, he is the best driver. But when you look at his statistics, when you look at

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