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Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, why haven’t you resigned?

Kevin de León

Editorial page editor

I am glad to see my name in the paper so let me answer Kevin’s question. My answer would not leave room for discussion.

I could not think of anything to say to Kevin that would make his questions and suggestions any less valid. My point of view is the same as the rest of the editorial board, the same as the readers. We want the state to stay out of New Mexico’s business and we want to keep the state from having a voice in how this state’s public colleges and universities are funded.

Gil Cedillo

Gil Cedillo

University of New Mexico professor of history

I would like to point out that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

I do not believe Professor de León has ever resigned.

He has resigned from the editorial board of The Frontier Times, the editorial board of The Albuquerque Tribune and from the advisory board of the UNM School of Law. In each and every case, he chose to remain on the board, to take a position on the committee that the board was forming.

In fact, until just recently, our editorial board consisted of De León, Bill Davis, Mark Eichberger, Jim Wunderman and Ira Helfand.

When Tom Stearns became editor, he immediately made it clear that if we had any problem with him or any issue, we would address the issue directly to him. And that is what happened, on and off.

Bill Davis was the chairman of the University of New Mexico and the UNM School of Law faculty. The University of New Mexico, with Tom Stearns as president, is the most distinguished university in the country.

De León and Davis were both members of the UNM School of Law faculty for years in addition to their other roles as members of the editorial board.

It is time for Professor de León to move on. There is no question about it and I see no need for his continued existence on the board.

Gil Cedillo

Editorial page editor

I am glad to hear from the author of a thoughtful letter. He knows some of his readers as well as I do.

My letter to him was not in the interests of those

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