The O.C. Department of Transportation: I am now on my way to get access to the oil pipeline

Company responsible for O.C. oil spill gets permission to repair pipeline

This was a message sent to the O.C. Department of Transportation this morning. It is attached.

I have just spent the last 18 months in a difficult process trying to get access to the oil pipeline that was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. I have been working to get access to the pipeline for the past two years and have had to fight the Department of Transportation for this access. Today, I was able to put all of that to rest and am now on my way to get the repair completed before it is too late. This is a big relief for me.

I am honored to be here and to represent the people of the O.C.

Since I returned to the O.C., I have worked to ensure that the residents, businesses and the communities of Coastal Louisiana will be able to have the energy that they so desperately need. I have worked with the Department of Transportation, the local government, the National Guard, the Louisiana Public Service Commission, the Energy Management District, the U.S. Environmental Protection Cabinet and many others to get this job done. I have been on the road with them ever since. I have been able to visit with them at their office, the N.B.O. facility and with the pipeline. I have been able to check on the progress and the completion of the repair.

I believe in America and all it stands for, and what is happening now with the damage this hurricane did to coastal Louisiana is a travesty and is a disgrace to America. I hope this new information will be able to get this job done so that all of the residents, businesses and the communities of Coastal Louisiana will be able to have this energy and to continue to enjoy the incredible lifestyle that we have in this great and beautiful community.

I also want to bring this to your attention that there is a letter written by a very important person to the Louisiana Governor about this situation. Their letter will give you a little more information.

As I was sitting there waiting on the pipeline to be repaired, I talked to a gentleman named Tom. Tom was so friendly and down to earth. He told me about his life in rural Louisiana and his business. He wanted me to have the oil

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