The Dress Is Not A Dress

My Friend’s Style Is Becoming Embarrassing. Should I Tell Her?

My friend is becoming a walking fashion show in her latest outfit. It’s a nice, solid color dress, with little lace trim around the neck and shoulders, long sheer sleeves, and a fitted, fitted back. The color is kind of off-white, but it’s not a white dress, or any other shade of color. It’s as if she walked out of a closet and got hit by an out-of-the-ordinary light. I mean, she’s not wearing a black dress. She’s wearing a neutral, like blue or gray, that the color of a watermelon or blueberry. It’s a color, like, what, blue watermelon? The dress itself is very fitted, and my friend doesn’t have an awful lot of clothing that fits her. She’s not a stick-thin person, so that might be the problem. I mean, it’s not like she’s the type that thinks she looks great in a halter dress that barely covers her ass and is going to be a problem when she gets her period.

My friend and I are really close and we spend a lot of time together. We eat lunch together on Wednesday and go to movies and concerts, and we play board games at each other’s houses, and we’ve been in a bunch of different sports teams together. We don’t have to go too crazy or do anything much, but we do all the things that normal people do. We have fun, we’re active, we laugh a lot, we hang out, we’re just normal people, and then my other friend and I took our girlfriends out yesterday, and the other friend and I took their husbands out, and then my girlfriend and I went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. That’s what we did on the whole night. She’s always making plans with me to do stuff with me, and I make plans with her to do stuff with her, but

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