The Cost of Shelter in Tanzania

This East African nation is known for stability. But drought and rising prices are fueling insecurity.

Wake up and smell the coffee: Ethiopia is a growing economy, and it is beginning to make waves beyond sub-Saharan Africa. In this East African nation, which is known for stability, you’ll see a country increasingly marked by instability and a recent trend toward greater inequality. The government has spent billions of dollars to build a modern infrastructure throughout the country, but that has not gone to those who need it most. Even as the nation has risen from poverty to economic growth, the price of shelter is rising and the economy is becoming ever more precarious.

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A family is forced to live under tarps as a result of the ongoing drought.


Named after a mythical creature with the head of a lion and body of a man (its name is literally in reference to the “man” part of the lion), Tanzania is a land where you can visit a traditional village that’s been up and running for decades, and the next day be living in a modern suburb. But it’s not all peaceful; the country is going through a particularly difficult period as a result of political corruption, a food shortage, and a rapidly rising cost of living. Tanzanians are increasingly being pushed to the side of the road as a result of rising prices, and they’re not happy about it. They’re also facing a shortage in public transportation that could be particularly threatening, but they aren’t ready to stop driving.

The cost of shelter in Tanzania has been a major issue for the country. Many people live in shacks, and the cost of their land makes renting an apartment impractical.

The cost of shelter has been a major issue for the country. Many people live in shacks — built using wooden planks and tarps — and the cost of their land makes rental an impractical option. This makes them vulnerable to the rising cost of living as the country battles a worsening drought.

This land, which is sparsely populated and sparsely distributed, is being transformed by a large number

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