The COA and the IAD are at the center of the American Empire’s attack on the Bolivarian Revolution

Editorial: Resign, Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo are NOT ready for a second Act of Resistance

The recent resignation of the Council of the Americas (COA) and the resignation of their chair Councilmembers, Nury Martinez, Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, have raised many questions regarding a possible second act of resistance against the neoliberal system and their own actions and policies, particularly in defense of the US.

The two resignations were announced at the same time: a public statement (which you can read in Spanish here) and a letter of resignation addressed to Council Secretary General, Javier Perez.

This act of resistance was preceded by the resignation of two of their colleagues, the Council of the Americas (COA) and the Inter-American Dialogue (IAD), which was announced earlier this week, but whose decision was not made public until after the resignation of the three members of the COA, who are all very concerned about the way the COA’s response to the crisis has been handled.

The COA and the IAD have been at the center of the American Empire’s attack on the Bolivarian Revolution since the latter began to mobilize in 2003, when the Spanish multinational bank and investment fund, Crediticio Latinoamericano, launched a massive campaign of repression against those who stood in their way and who have opposed the bank and other capitalists and interests which the COA represents.

The bank and the IAD are deeply implicated in the financial imperialism of the United States and its corporate allies, and in all of this we need to understand the COA because of the role they play in defending this system, while they are also a part of an institution which is part of this system, the IAD.

This is the same IAD which has been the main supporter of the regime of US president, and now vice president, of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; a regime which has been overthrown by the Bolivarian Revolution’s actions that have been going on since 2002, when more than 100 revolutionary figures were killed in protests that were crushed by the US and its allies.

Since then, many of these leaders of the revolutionary struggle were assassinated by

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