City Council Announces New Curfews and Bans on leaving home during evening and overnight periods of curfews

Toronto relaxes COVID-19 rink rules as winter activities move ‘toward normal’

The city announced new details on Friday about a series of temporary measures in place after the city’s largest and most popular hockey game, which had been called a ‘virtual’ show because the ice is not cleared after games, was postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The measures announced by the city included:

New curfews and bans on leaving home during the evening and overnight periods of the curfews

Bans on the use of fireworks and other celebrations

Temporary rink closing dates (including an option to close on Mondays)

Roughly $25 million in cost savings and other ‘emergency’ measures

During a public forum today, the city also asked for feedback from the community about the emergency order, some of which was given when the city’s chief information officer, Paul Coughlan, posted a brief statement on Twitter, saying: “With the COVID-19 virus, we’ve seen our community adapt to stay at home and continue to share the same values of teamwork, caring neighbors and keeping each other safe.”

The public may comment on city council agenda items through Tuesday, April 3, with the email address for the City Clerk’s office in the city’s downtown.

Here are the full details about the temporary measures, which are in place until May 3:

New curfews and bans on leaving home during the evening and overnight periods of the curfews:

The new temporary curfews – with the exception of the Friday evening period between 10pm and 4am – begin at 4pm on Thursday and extend through 5am on Monday, May 3, in addition to the original 4pm – 7am period. All periods are in effect until May 3 at 11am.

During the new period, the city’s only public arena, the Ricoh Coliseum, remains open to the public, but is not able

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