Brooklyn Heights Is Getting the Attention It Needs

Celebrities are Turning Brooklyn Heights into the ‘Next’ West Village, NYC Magazine Reveals

A few years ago, Brooklyn Heights was a quiet neighborhood with little going on except for the occasional celebrity sighting and the occasional New York Times article about the latest trend. But these days, the neighborhood is buzzing with activity as more and more celebrities—from musicians to fashion designers—have set up shop in the neighborhood. Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, even Hollywood can’t compete with Brooklyn Heights’ cool factor and charm—and now that the neighborhood is getting the spotlight, it’s not just going to remain a secret for long. NYC magazine has the exclusive scoop on how this trendy borough is attracting top celebs to the neighborhood and how the neighborhood is becoming a hub of creativity and innovation. From fashion to food, Brooklyn and its residents have their own take on the city’s coolest neighborhoods.

The neighborhood with the most stars

Brooklyn has always been known for its music scene, but with so many talented musicians and artists choosing to call the neighborhood home, the neighborhood is now a hot spot for musicians and artists to work. Brooklyn Heights has hosted some of the most influential musicians and artists of the past few years, thanks in part to the neighborhood’s proximity to Manhattan and the new Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn’s best-known musician, Brooklyn Vegan, is a musician whose music has been featured on the hit TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. Brooklyn Vegan will make her debut as a musician this November. Brooklyn Vegan has been seen on the covers of Vogue, Elle and New York Magazine and has received critical praise for her music. She’s also been featured in numerous television commercials for brands like Adidas, Nike and Apple, and also opened a website that’s dedicated to providing fans with information and discounts on all of her music. She’s also received top honors at the Independent Music Awards, the Independent Film and TV Awards, the VMA, and the New York Critics Circle.

Hip hop artist and producer Fat Joe recently moved to the neighborhood from the Bronx. After spending almost a decade living in the neighborhood, he’s been giving the neighborhood the Bronx the Brooklyn it deserves by opening a shop called The Brooklyn Hip Hop Store. The Brooklyn Hip Hop Store is a shop where you can go to get high and listen to some of the top Hip Hop artists from around

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