Brazil is at a turning point.

Brazil’s presidential vote will go to second round, but that does not mean second round will be fairer and more equal.

By: Euronews

Brazil is at a turning point. Will it go in an economic direction that brings stability or will it move in an opposite direction and usher in a new world for the poor?

We are at the end of the second round of the 2014 election. The victor will be the only candidate to have an absolute majority in the Congress of Brazil. If his or her mandate is strong, we have to expect another round of presidential elections in 2016.

A second round of the election is likely to be more violent than the first round.

The polls in Brazil are not reliable. You hear of surveys that say Brazil is going to go to the polls for a second time. Then the real polls come in and say: We are not going to have you and your party in the streets. We are going to have the presidential candidate from the Workers’ Party, the PT.

The polls are a political weapon that a candidate can use to manipulate the masses.

It is very easy to manipulate the polls. Candidates, who are in the opposition campaign, try to put as many negative things out in public as they can and hope that the public will believe them.

In Brazil, presidential elections are not held only for the winner of the first round. They are also held for the people who don’t get a majority. So, if no candidate has a majority, he or she has to vote in a second round. The second round does not have to be an equal and fairer contest.

For example, the PT and PTB were so confident in their electoral lead that they decided not to let the right candidate from the Workers’ Party, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, get a majority. The right candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, lost.

Bolsonaro is a strong right-wing candidate. He is against illegal immigration, for privatisation and for opening the economy to foreign investment. He is against income taxes. He talks about the right to use public services at low prices without paying for this. He is against social safety net, or pensions.

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