Why Do We Care About The Environment?

The Times podcast: Coyotes go urban; humans freak out about climate change

For years, the world has debated the potential for humans to be contributing to the greenhouse effect and/or the consequences of climate change. More recently, we’ve become aware even more about the effect being felt on our planet by what we do to the planet. An issue that has received very little focus in the media, in fact, is the effect we have had on the planet itself through deforestation and the impact we have had on the climate.

In this episode, we discuss another environmental issue that isn’t likely to garner much attention in the news — the destruction of the habitat of hundreds of thousands of gray wolves in this country and all over the world. That’s because the damage caused there by humans is so much more extensive that what has been caused here by us.

The issue of habitat destruction is one we’ve touched on in the past and then in passing from month to month, with very few major stories coming out of the U.S. or world about this.

In the coming weeks and months, it appears that this issue might no longer be a quiet one and that one day it’ll be front and center of the public. It’s a subject that’s been covered in this country in the past, but what about over there? Why are they doing it? And does it really matter?

In this episode you’ll get a glimpse of the extent of this issue over there as you hear from a senior environmental adviser to the World Wildlife Fund about what she learned of just what some of the big issues are, who is responsible for this, and how it can matter so much at home.

We’ll also have a conversation with a local woman about why in this day and age people are so terrified of climate change and what she’s done to get them to wake up to the fact that it matters.

Finally, we’ll hear from the U.S. government’s national wildlife expert about why they know we have a very large role to play in dealing with this problem.

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