The “Void Ghetto”

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Friday, June 11, 2011

Forced Abortion, the “Void Ghetto”

The Abortion Rate, as per the latest data from the CDC, is up to a staggering 8.7% (not good):

A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle tells the story of a woman living in a neighborhood called the “Void Ghetto.” Many of the residents of the ghetto are not happy to be there, they are forced to buy their groceries with cash because the grocery stores have closed. They have no money for the rent and the electricity and water bill. The result of being a part of the “Void Ghetto” is that many are not happy, but they get by with it. However, due to the high population density of the neighborhood, there are a multitude of health complications.

“There are no stores for miles. The only grocery store is a five dollar a week food coop that keeps going out of business.”

There are no emergency rooms anymore. There are no doctors. The nearest one is over an hour away.

There is no medical transportation. If a doctor is needed, the patients have to drive for two and a half hours to get to their destination.

There is no public transportation. In order to get to work, the residents have to take the train.

There is no access to medical care. The closest OB/GYN and oncologist are over an hour away.

There is no water. There are no running water at home. There is no sewage treatment and even the tap water is not potable. The plumbing has been completely shut off.

There is no sewer. You have to dig your own well outside.

The closest grocery store is over an hour away. The gas station is over an hour away and the town’s only gas station is over an hour away.

The nearest hospital is an hour away and the nearest doctor is an hour away.

This is what life is like in the “Void Ghetto.”

There has been a major health crisis in the “Void Ghetto.” There are an epidemic of obesity amongst the residents. There are an epidemic of diabetes amongst the children. There is the highest rate of car accidents in the city next to

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