The School Board’s Annual Report

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Editor’s note: This is the first of a series of two columns dealing with the election of the city supervisors. The second column, “Duarte and Inglewood have a lot in common,” is scheduled to appear in Thursday’s print edition.

The City Council meets in its regular session on Mondays. It meets in special session for a special meeting in the case of serious issues.

Most of the business that gets discussed at these two regular sessions is related to the upcoming elections for the city’s five supervisors, but there is also business about issues related to the city’s public schools.

At the last special session before the election, members of the School Board’s Community School Board, which consists of members from the city’s community school district, participated in the public presentation of its 2018 annual report to the Board.

The report is a work in progress, as each school district has its own way of doing things. The community school district is an advisory board and reports to the Board of Education, while the community schools report to the city’s Department of Education.

The report describes the school district’s accomplishments during the past year, such as improving the district’s graduation rate from 60 percent to 79.3 percent, and increasing the number of students leaving with “A” or higher grades. But, there are other things it doesn’t have time to cover.

The school system isn’t doing everything right. Among the most obvious, the school system’s high dropout rate has declined from 15.5 percent in 2015-16 to 13.7 percent this year.

The school system has also struggled to keep teachers paid, and teachers are still feeling pressure to have students who perform well in classes while they are on the job.

And that’s just not a single component of the school system’s problems.

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