The Music Is Not Going to Stop

When the Music Stopped, How Could You Know?

The music stopped? Really? Like when Elvis died?

My heart started to skip a beat when I saw it pop on the news this week.

In this day and age, when we have to wait hours in lines to fill up, wait for hours in line for a ticket, fill up with more people in line for tickets, or wait to see if the concert tickets you bought from scalpers will be honored, it suddenly became obvious that the music is NOT going to stop. As we know, it is not something you can plan.

The first time I saw a concert was in a theater during the last summer before college. I was really nervous. My parents were right on my heels. We went to see The Color Purple and there were hundreds of seats in the theater, so I remember that night as if it was yesterday. Everyone looked so nice and it was a beautiful thing to see an artist that was completely different from me. It was my first concert with my mom.

The show was amazing and I started to get really excited. But then when it was over, the lights were turned off, the curtains closed, we were asked to leave, and then I got up at the front of the theater to get out!

And then they shut it down.

Not all of the lights were off, but all of the lights? It was completely dark. No music, no stage, no audience. It was just the entire theater. And for me, that was it. That was the last concert I went to.

I was devastated. I had thought of this moment as a positive thing. But then, I realized what was going to happen. I would have to go to a different type of concert, one with fewer seats and one that was not as expensive and it would be a lot more disappointing. This was going to kill me.

I remember hearing about how terrible it was at the time. I read that people were getting their hopes up but

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