The First Year in a Row That Los Angeles Doesn’t Have a Fog

How you can tell it’s fall in L.A., according to a guy from Vermont

There are plenty of weather-related excuses from here that sound like they’re being made from the outside in. But I’m not one of those people who thinks that one can tell the fall weather by how much wind surfers have on their boards in the water or from looking out the window at the sun setting in the west. I’m not trying to sound like a weather “expert” here; I’m just trying to share my own thoughts on the subject, and on the weather this week.

First off, the weather is getting cold. It was cold last week, and it’s getting to be cold this week, too. And it’s still a few days before the first flood of the season and we’re still in fall mode.

Then, the weather is getting clear. This is the third year in a row that the weather has been this clear. It’s also my fourth year in a row. Every year has been this clear, and every year it has been warm. So, clear fall weather is normal for Los Angeles, but only the second year in a row that we don’t have some sort of fog.

I think it’s also possible that this is the year that is the first year that we don’t have to deal with the “winter” that we’ve had so far. That is, we’re back to our normal fall-weather cycle, with warm fall weather, cold winter weather, and then spring when the trees actually come back on their own.

So, I think it’s possible that we’re back in our normal fall-weather cycle, but it’s also possible that this is one of the first years for the season where the trees don’t actually come back on their own. I don’t know enough about how things operate on different planets to know if we’ve passed the worst and will be in for a lot of mild winter weather or not. But I do know that the trees will be coming back on their own.

However, I do have a little bit of data for you. In addition to

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