RuPaul photographed at drag show dressed like drag queen

Video of all-ages drag show in front of children ignites outrage: ‘This is clear child abuse’

Reality television star and drag artist RuPaul left her home in Los Angeles recently to attend Saturday’s all-ages drag show in the city.

She was accompanied by a number of children, including a two-year-old girl who was wearing a dress in which RuPaul’s protégé RuPaul and her friend wore their wigs.

An audience member at the drag show in Toronto was photographed, according to Buzzfeed, apparently watching as RuPaul and her companions did their routines.

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Reality TV star RuPaul walked into a Toronto drag show dressed like a drag queen

The show drew an estimated 10,000 people and an audience member was photographed as RuPaul and her guests looked on

One performer at the show was RuPaul’s drag queen protégé RuPaul and her friends

The show was hosted by RuPaul and her friends. The show was hosted by RuPaul and her friends

At times, the audience member in the photographs appeared to be following the drag artist and her companions through the show.

On social media, critics expressed disgust over the experience, and compared the photographs to those taken of children in ‘cathartic moments’ filmed by the US reality show American Idol.

‘This is child abuse. Shame on you for showing off to your children,’ one person tweeted.

‘RuPaul is a public figure, she shouldn’t be allowed to participate in shows in which she is photographed next to children,’ another said.

‘My children were there. I don’t want to see my children being photographed by RuPaul,’ said another person.

‘This could be considered child abuse. Shame on you for showing off to your children.’

‘It’s child abuse to photograph a drag queen and her children,’ one

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