OCAV confirms two cases of avian influenza

Six birds test positive for avian flu in Orange County, two in Orange

Orange County Animal Services has confirmed two avian flu cases, two of which were fatal within the past 24 hours. One case was identified at a residential backyard in Dana Point, and the other case was identified at a private residence along Newport Boulevard.

“In addition, two animals at the Orange County Zoo tested positive for Avian Influenza. The first was a bird, and the second was a duck,” said Orange County Animal Services.

Both birds were killed due to the severity of the infection; the duck was killed in the presence of a veterinarian.

Two cases of avian influenza have been confirmed, and one of the two was previously recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

It is illegal to sell, give away, sell for animal use, or to have animals under your control without veterinary prescriptions in California.

In addition, each case must be submitted to OCAV’s laboratory for confirmation and testing. There is also a presumption of liability as soon as it is identified as an animal with a disease such as avian influenza.

“This is a serious disease, and when a domestic animal is ill, the owner and other persons living with the animal must report it to OCAV, or they could be held liable for euthanasia,” said OCAV spokeswoman Lori Wargo.

“Under California law, euthanasia of farm animals is only permitted when it is deemed necessary for their health, or to protect agriculture and animal industries. However, avian influenza can be life threatening and can be prevented by proper veterinary care” said the statement.

Avian influenza is a serious and sometimes fatal disease that affects birds and is caused by a virus. This virus can infect poultry and other birds that are kept in crowded conditions.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the virus can be transferred from birds to their food, but the risk is only great if birds or poultry are under the same conditions, including overcrowding and stress.

“Under California law, avian influenza can be an imminent threat to agriculture and animal industries,” the release stated.

Orange County Health Services has issued a Level 2 public outbreak alert in the Newport Beach area.

The alert in Newport Beach affects three animal care facilities

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