Issa Rae’s Political Opinions on “Insecure”

Issa Rae has no love for Hollywood’s support of ‘repeat offender’ Ezra Miller

NEW YORK — Issa Rae has never been known for her political opinions, in fact she was the rare person not to have a political tattoo on her body, but as the star of HBO’s “Insecure,” she has definitely shown her political stripes.

In the show, Issa is one of the first black women to land a major role on any American TV network, and has gone on to become one of the breakout stars of the Emmy-winning series.

As far as her show is concerned, her opinions on politics is probably one of the most important in the series right now.

In the new season of “Insecure,” Issa’s character, Issa’s mother, Erika Bennett, is very much on the side of ‘receiving’ her daughter’s friends back.

“The thing that I’m most surprised about is that the series has really started to become more about Issa’s personal politics,” says a show insider.

“Insecure” will end its third season on July 31, and the next season will pick up in present day, with Issa and her friends taking their ‘receiving’ a step further.

The episode titled, ‘Receiving What’s Due’ sees Issa receiving a new friend, Yvette — who, like the rest of her sisters, has been ostracized by the group because of her drug habit.

In Season 3, we start to understand that Yvette is a recovering addict and is slowly coming out of her own addiction. “Yvette wants to be with Issa, and also she is really into the social justice movement which she is finding her own voice within.”

It is with Yvette’s help that Erika begins to realize that the friendship between Issa and Yvette is more then just a friendship, because the truth is that Yvette is the closest to Issa of any of the girls in the group.

“Issa will start to find that her mother doesn’t really want to stop her from getting her friends back,” said the source from �

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