CAA has severed its relationship with Rihanna after Trump’s racist tweets

Hollywood talent agency CAA cuts ties with Kanye West after antisemitic tirade

CAA has severed the relationship with West in response to the rapper’s tirade against President Donald Trump.

The hip hop mogul has made several controversial public statements in recent weeks, including his recent comments on the size of African countries, and his criticism of the Black Death, which is the origin of the AIDS epidemic.

In one instance, West ranted on his Twitter account that the Trump administration had the “disease” of “Black Death.”

“Trump is the cause of the Black Death. I’m saying the Trump administration will be here for a long time. They will put all the diseases that they can think of and they will get rid of all of them,” he said in August.

In another instance, after Donald Trump Jr. spoke out in support of his father’s immigration plan, the rapper tweeted: “We are going to impeach the motherf**kers!”

Trump Jr. has said that he was merely expressing his father’s views, saying: “I want people to understand that my father is not going to change anything for people that are in this country illegally.”

A representative for CAA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Hollywood talent agency CAA has severed the relationship with Kanye West after the rapper’s antisemitic tirade

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The organization had also cut ties with Rihanna this year in response to her racist tweets.

Rihanna previously tweeted that she “sounded like Beyonce/Fenty/Jay-Z,” when she described the coronavirus as “the end of the world,” and later added that “the virus is the end of the world.”

West is a staunch supporter of the president and frequently shows up at the White House events

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